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Cats will not chew the legs on your table. Cats really are better than dogs.

Dog chewing table

In my book, CATS are better than DOGS, I clearly stated in reason number 8 why cats are better:

 Dogs chew table legs. Dogs are destructive chewers. My staff had a dog that chewed her Italian leather shoes. I don’t chew shoes, but I do like to shred paper towel rolls.

Today, our puppy,Penny, sat under the kitchen table and started to chew on the wood. My typist, Mrs. Hodges, grabbed her camera to take a photograph. Her daughter, who is responsible for the puppy said, “Mom, when she is bad do not take photographs. We need to discipline her.” 

It appears that Mrs. Hodges should be more concerned with disciplining the dog than in documenting her bad behavior.

“Hey, Pooh, I only took two photographs.”

“Mrs. Hodges, I may have to find another person to be my typist and assist in the training of  my bodyguard. You are showing poor judgement. In the article you wrote yesterday, How to potty train a puppy in 7 easy steps: OPERATION POTTY OUTSIDE, you stated: It is easier to train a dog to have good habits then it is to unlearn bad habits.

Mrs. Hodges you must be a woman of character and practice what you preach. Your daughter, who is eleven, is more responsible than you are.

“Please forgive me Pooh. I was wrong.”

“You are forgiven Mrs. Hodges. Now please go and get my supper. I am hungry.”

Not having thumbs does have its advantages. I don’t have to cook supper for my staff and I don’t have to clean out the seven litter boxes. I don’t even have to clean the three toilets.

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All the best,

p.s. I gave Mrs. Hodges permission to share the two photographs she took of the puppy chewing the table. Her name is officially Penny. ( It was Molly this morning.)


pennychewingtable 002

  • Penny chewing table

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