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Cats,when your staff make mistakes, please forgive them

Cats forgive your staff when they make mistakes

Mrs. Hodges, my typist, just informed me that she fried the hard-drive on her computer. Her lap-top. She is typing this post now on the desk-top computer, as I dictate to her.

“Pooh, please forgive me. The lap-top had the first chapter of your memoir, and I didn’t back it up.”

“You didn’t back it up?”  [In my Business Management Course, the teacher suggested to rephrase the statement, to give yourself time to think.]

“No, I didn’t back my computer up. I am really sorry Pooh.”

And in the few seconds I took to think, I decided to forgive her. She is not a cat, and how could I expect her to have a superior mind like a feline, when she is only a human. A cat would have been prepared for disaster and purchased a back up plan, like Crashplan or Mozyhome. A cat would have made sure the book was backed up on Dropbox or on an external hard-drive.

Today I will dictate the first chapter of my memoir again. Mrs. Hodges likes to type for me.

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I forgave her. But,

Do you think Mrs. Hodges should still get her Christmas bonus?

Please tell me in the comments. I want to know what you think.



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