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Charlie in now Manager of Proper Dishwasher Loading Techniques

Charlie, my assistant, is now Manager of  Proper Dishwasher Loading Techniques. He inspected the dishwasher this morning.

He was making sure the dishwasher was properly loaded. My senior staff member has not been putting the cat food bowls in properly.  Our food dishes often come out with food stuck on them or water spots.

I have spoken to the staff in charge of cleaning our food dishes. I want them cleaned after every meal. When our food dishes are placed in the dishwasher, they should be rinsed first. Then the dishes should be placed in the top rack, face down. She often puts our dishes on the bottom rack on an angle.

The dishes are not clean when they are placed in the bottom rack.  I have written her infraction in her performance folder.

Charlie wrote in his report, “The senior staff member placed the cat’s food dishes in the top rack. The plates were on the bottom rack as requested.”

As owner of this company I am continually having to inspect the work my staff do. My staff mean well, they really do. But, I have to continually monitor their work.

Who wants to eat out of a dirty bowl?

Not me.




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