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Dear Hannah: This is how I dictate to Mrs. Hodges

I am dictating to Pamela.

Dear Pooh,

My mother told me you dictate your stories to Mrs. Hodges and she types your stories for you. How do you tell Mrs. Hodges what to write?  Would you send a video of you telling her what to write.
Love Hannah

My Dearest Hannah,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. I was awake at 4:30 a.m. with Mrs. Hodges working on the answer to your question.
We work best when everyone else is sleeping.
I place my head on her hand while she writes and I start to tell her my stories. She can hear me. The other people in the house can not understand me.

It would be impossible for you to understand my voice in a video when I dictate  unless you were able to speak Cat.  Mrs. Hodges is writing a  Cat Language Textbook. She has been translating my meowing and purring  for the past six years. She knows me very well and can translate my deepest thoughts and feelings.

The most important aspects of The Cat Language to understand are:

  1. When a cat meows, fed it.
  2. When a cat rubs against your leg, pet it.
  3. When a cat stands in front of the door, let it out.
  4. When a cat meows and walks over to its litter box, clean the litter box.

MeowwwwwwwWWMmm wwwwww, puRRR mnuh myiunmm, Ack mmhztz  Hannah. Did you understand what I said Hannah?

I said, “Thank you for writing me Hannah.”

All the best,

Love Pooh

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