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Don’t let your cats outside on Halloween


I regret to inform you. Not all humans are nice.  I know this because I read the newspaper and watch the news on television.  And sometimes humans do mean things to animals on Halloween.

Please don’t ask me to go into detail, as children may be reading my stories.

Every morning I wait by the front door to be let outside. The other kittens hope they can go outside as well. But, they are never allowed outside.

Even me, as a wise, mature, adult cat will not be going outside on Halloween. I will stay inside with the kittens and tell them scary stories.

If I could make all humans nice I would. But, the reality is, there are mean humans in this world.

It is never the animals fault if it is the victim of assault. It is never the animals fault that it was too cute or its collar showed off too much of its neck or because it was walking late at night. It is always the fault of the perpetrator.

It is never the animals fault. Never.

Please. Don’t let your cats outside on Halloween. Tonight,  please keep your cats inside. Keep them safe. 

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And  would you be so kind as to share my story? I am want to make sure humans realize that not all humans are nice. I would be devastated to read of a cat or other animal being abused on Halloween. Maybe my advice could save the life of an animal.

All my best,

Love Pooh

p.s. The kittens and I have costumes; we will be wearing them tonight at a little party I am having.I  can’t decide if I will wear my rabbit costume or my costume of a human.
p.s.s. Take lots of photographs of your animals in their costumes today, and share them on my facebook page.

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