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Every cat needs a cardboard box



 It is rather obvious what a cat needs to survive. Cats need a lot of the same things humans need. If you are a human you know you need oxygen, food and water to survive.|

But, you may have not realized there is a fourth thing that is necessary for a cat’s survival. A cardboard box. 

We don’t have to have fancy beds, or bottled water. Besides, remember? We don’t have thumbs so we can’t hold a bottle of water.

Humans seem to not be able to survive without bottled water to drink. My Grandmother who lives in Canada, I call her Nana, drinks the water that comes out of her tap.

Every cat needs a cardboard box.  You will just have to believe me. I am  a cat and I know what is best.  Cats do like to read books, keep laptops warm for their humans, and take naps in sunbeams. But, we also like to hide and we like to play.

A cardboard box is a safe place to hide and a fun place to play. A laundry hamper full of clothes fresh out of the dryer is a close second.

Please get a cardboard box for your cat.  Get one today.

Does your cat like to sit in a cardboard box? If they do will you  please share a photograph of your cat sitting in a cardboard box?

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