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Every Cat Needs a Clubhouse

Every cat needs a clubhouse. A place to meet with friends and hold secret meetings.

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Obviously a cat needs food and shelter. And several litter boxes. But a cat also needs a clubhouse.

Charlie, my assistant, and I hold our weekly meetings in my new clubhouse. We don’t have a door we can close, but we rarely talk about anything that the other cats or Mrs. Hodges can’t listen too. When we have secrets to tell, we just whisper.

What you need to build a clubhouse

You need a cardboard box and a sharp knife to build a clubhouse. A serrated steak-knife words best. Stab the box and then use the steak-knife as though it is a saw. Oh, and you need thumbs.

Mrs. Hodges had to make my clubhouse for me, as I don’t have thumbs. Forgive me for continually talking about my lack of thumbs. I don’t often lament the inability to pick a penny off the sidewalk, open the front door or a can of tuna. I truly don’t mind not having to clean the seven litter boxes.


A Clubhouse is a good place to take a nap

What you can do in a clubhouse

In a clubhouse you can dream of all the mice you want to catch. You can feel safe and protected. In a clubhouse a cat can have a safe place to rest and take a nap without having to worry that they will get stepped on or have someone drop a piece of peanut butter toast on them.

A human might want their own clubhouse. You just need a bigger box.

Every cat needs a clubhouse. Share on X

Does your cat have a clubhouse? Maybe you can make them one today, after you feed them and clean their litter box.

And to my cat friends, Skittles, Milo, Oscar, Angela, Tristan, Beau, Latte, and Amindele, maybe your friends with thumbs can help you build one.

Edelweiss, you are a dog. Maybe you would like a cardboard den too. But, I think you might just eat it. And Freja, please ask Charlotte to make you a cardboard box den. I think you have cardboard boxes in Sweden.

All my best,
Love Pooh

p.s. Martha is doing much better. She can go for short walks and she can get up from her bed herself. However, she doesn’t like her medicine. Mrs. Hodges has to give it to her as she keeps spitting it out when we hide it in her food.

p.s.s. If I didn’t mention you by name, my dearest cat friends. Please forgive me. I do love all of you.

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