The Cat Who Writes™

I am a cat. I write.



Hello. I am Harper. The cat who writes.

If you are an animal who writes and you want to share your views of the world, would you please consider guest posting for the cat who

Guest posting will help humans understand animals better. And guest posting will help you too.

My dear friend, Jeff Goins, will show  you, How Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Blog

Guest posting is not open to humans. Hopefully, if you are an animal, you have your own blog, and if not, your typist has a blog you can use for a platform to write from.


1. Write  about your life. Or you could write about an adventure you had.

2. Tell a story. Joe Bunting, from the write practice, wrote an excellent post You Don’t Forget Stories.

3. The length should be about 250-400 words. Humans tend to scan stories and not read them.

4. The content must be original. It can not have been used in the past. And don’t publish it again anywhere else. That wouldn’t be nice.

5. However, please write a short introduction to your post on your typist’s blog. And tell your friends. Share on twitter and
facebook. Tell the animals in the neighborhood.

Next Step:

1. Tell me your idea. Please contact me at: theCatHarper@gmail (dot)com and tell me your idea.

2. Once the story is written I may have to edit for spelling and grammar.

3. And sad to say – your post may not work, and then I may have to say, with great sadness, I wouldn’t be able to publish your work.

4. Please include a photograph of you as a separate attachment

One More Thing: 

You, the animal must have your own e-mail address.

1. If your original creative story is going to be published on my blog, you must have your own e-mail address and an avatar.

1. Create your own e-mail account and create an avatar, and then register it at When you answer comments on the day your story is published, your comments will be attached to your face, not the face of your typist.

2. My email address is: Please contact me directly if you don’t want to have to go through your typist.

And the last thing:

1. I look forward to hearing from you.

all the best,
Love Harper