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How To Find a Lost Cat

How To Find a Lost Cat

As I cat who was lost for several months myself, I know the best way to search for a lost cat.

Charlie, my assistant was missing for a week. Mrs. Hodges went and looked for Charlie during the day, calling out his name, and shaking a small bowl of his food.

But, Mrs. Hodges didn’t find Charlie by looking during the day. I had to instruct her on the best way to find a lost cat. I don’t understand why she didn’t talk to me sooner. I know more about how to find a lost cat, than a person every could.

When we first moved to Pennsylvania, I walked out of the front door to explore the yard. As an outdoor cat I was confident I would find my way home. But all of the homes look the same in our neighborhood.  The day I went for a walk was a blustery day, as Winnie the Pooh would say, so the smell of Mrs. Hodges was blown away.

And in the evening there was a horrific snowstorm. I was away for several months.

Mrs. Hodges made several errors. It could have been fatal. Thankfully the one person she told on her street about me being lost was the one person who saw me in her backyard.

How to find a lost cat

1. Immediately go outside and look in the bushes around your home. The cat may be hiding. Cats often do not stray far from home.

2. Post pictures in your neighborhood with a picture of the cat with a contact phone number. And tell more than one neighbor.

3. Call the local humane society in your county and neighboring counties describing your cat. Someone may find your cat and take them there.

4. Look for the cat late at night, or in the middle of the night. Record the sound of a can of cat food opening and walk around the block replaying the sound.

Cats may not come to you during the day. They may not hear you. At night there are no cars moving, lawn movers mowing, and birds chirping. The cat will hear your voice, the sound will carry loud and clear through the night air. Besides, most cats sleep during the day.

5. Wave a stinky garment around in the air at night while you are looking. The cat will smell you and come to you. Mrs. Hodges waved one of Mr. Hodges white undershirts in the air. Perhaps she should have waved one of her own shirts.

6. The cat may be scared and not come to you. Crouch down low and let the cat approach you. Don’t chase it. Don’t be sad if your cat does not come to you. You may have to use a humane trap.

7. Leave the litter box outside. The cat will smell it and possibly come home.

7. Leave  the garage door open about a foot. The cat is probably trying to get back into the house, but all the doors are locked, and the cat can’t reach the doorbell.

Charlie was hiding around the house for over a week. He was trying to come back in but cats don’t have  thumbs. Charlie couldn’t open the door.

I was so sad when Charlie was missing. It was hard to concentrate on writing my memoir. Every time I sat down to write, I couldn’t concentrate. It was hard to dictate to Mrs. Hodges.

There are several articles on the internet that have good information about finding a lost cat. The best advice I read was on Missing Pet Partnership.

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The mistake Mrs. Hodges made when I was missing was she didn’t ask the neighbors for permission to search in their backyards. She had asked them to “look” for me. But looking and aggressively searching are two different things. I was hiding underneath the neighbor’s house for over two months. The snow storm had confused me and there were many outdoor dogs between me and my home.

I go outside all of the time now. I prefer the outdoors as a litter box. It is embarrassing to admit I was lost only a few houses away for several months. Hopefully my experience will help you realize the value of “Thinking close” when you lose a cat.

All my best,
Love Pooh

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