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How to get a cat to take a pill

How to get a cat to take a pill

I have to take a pill for ten days. I have an infection on top of my head. Orange, the cat who lives in the backyard, bit me on top of my head behind my ear. I have three pills left to take.

We are usually only fed dry food. However, my senior staff member, Mrs. Hodges, purchased soft cat food, and has been feeding me a small portion of it. I saw her hide the pill in the food.

She doesn’t know the pill tastes good, and I would have eaten it, even if she had placed it in my dry food. She is my typist. I dictate and she types. So now she knows.

“Pooh, you only have three days left of the medicine. You can still have soft cat food as a treat.”

The last time I had to take the medicine, she shoved the pill in the back of my mouth and then stroked my throat to get me to swallow. I hated that. I really did.

How would you like it if someone shoved something down your throat?

Be nice to your cat and hide the pill in soft cat food. Who knows, your cat might even decide to notice you and sit on your lap.

I take my medicine better when you hide it in soft cat food.

I take my medicine better when it’s hidden in soft cat food.

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