The Cat Who Writes™

I am a cat. I write.

I like to sit on the keyboard and keep it warm for Mrs. Hodges



Mrs. Hodges types my stories for me in the morning. Often, she has to stop typing for me as I dictate, and take Martha, the dog, outside to go to the bathroom.

While Mrs. Hodges is outside, I make sure her laptop computer is kept warm by sitting on the keyboard.

If I have to go the bathroom, I walk myself to the litter box and do my business in private. That is one of several reasons why cats are better than dogs. Martha, bless her heart, has to poop in front of Mrs. Hodges as she holds her by the lease.

Cats really do want to be helpful to the people they live with.

I hope you have a cat to sit on your keyboard and keep it warm. And I hope you have a cat to keep you company and cuddle you at night.

Either way, I hope you are not alone in your house. Who will take care of you and manage your life, if you don’t have a cat in your home?

I wish you all my best,

As always,
Love Pooh

p.s. Mrs. Hodges would be lost without me, and her computer would be cold.

p.s.s. This story was inspired by Beth Anne and her cat. Thank you Beth Anne.

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