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I like warm napkins in my sleeping basket

Today is Laundry Day for my Senior Staff member. The younger staff do their own laundry; they are assigned a day during the week. Monday the cloth napkins are washed.  I don’t know why my staff  put the napkins in my sleeping basket when they take the napkins out of the dryer. I own seven white sleeping baskets. They are in each of the bedrooms, two in the laundry room and I have one in the basement with fabric in it.

I sleep in my baskets. I don’t like to sleep in the baskets when the staff put dirty clothes in them. Sometimes I will sleep in a basket with dirty clothes, if I am really tired, but I don’t prefer it.

My favorite sleeping basket is the one in front of the dryer. As soon as the clean, dry and warm clothes come out, I jump in and lay down.  My staff is so thoughtful to make a warm bed for me. I don’t understand why they lift me out of the basket when I am sleeping in it.

My assistant Charlie wanted to sit in my basket.  I let him have a turn.


I will have to buy three more white sleeping baskets; a basket for each of the kittens.

It is important to take care of your staff. [ put your paw here to tweet that]



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