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I will listen to Seth Godin and not my mother

When I was a young kitten my mother said to me, “Son, you must learn how to catch mice. It is a good solid profession. The mice you catch will feed you and your family. You can market your Mouse Hunting Business to your neighbors and catch mice for them.”

“But Mom, I want to be a writer.”

“Writers do not make much money. Writing is hard. Writing will not feed you.”

But Mom, I want to be a writer.”

“No son, you need to be a good mouse hunter. If your staff forget to feed you, you need something to fall back on.”

I listened to my mother and gave up my dream of writing. I went to the local Mouse Hunting College, and signed up for classes.

These were my classes the first year.

CAT 117: How To Stalk Prey

Cat 114: Setting Traps

CAT 110: Writing a Mouse Hunting Business Proposal

CAT 150: How to Train Your Staff

I did sign up for one writing class. CAT 154: How To Be A writer. I got 65% in my How To Stalk Prey class, and I got 98% in my How to Be A Writer Class.

I will be a writer. Seth Godin thinks I should be a writer as well.

I am reading  The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin. I have read as far as page 65. It is taking me a long time to read it, as I have spent most of my day catching mice.

I will follow Mr Godin’s advice and choose myself. I will stop waiting to be picked, and follow my dream of writing.

I have caught my last mouse.  Well, I will still catch a few mice for a snack, and maybe a bird or two. But I am officially retiring the Mouse Hunting Business.

I am going to teach my kitten employees how to read and write. I am not going to teach them how to catch mice. My assistant Charlie was supposed to market the Mouse Hunting Business to the neighbors. I will give Charlie a new title. Charlie is now Vice President in charge of Marketing Stories.

I am a writer.

I think it is time for a staff meeting.


The Seth Godin book is an affiliate link. Buying the book through my link won’t cost you any more money. The few pennies I earn will help pay for kitty litter.  It is important as a cat who writes to always be honest.

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