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If your cat is sick take them to the veterinarian

I have gained a bit of weight

I have gained a bit of weight.

I have had a dry hacking cough for several days, and yesterday I started to limp. And, at the base of my tail I have a bit of dandruff.

Mrs. Hodges, my typist, called our favorite veterinarian at the Runaway Farm Pet Hospital. Dr. Phillips is always so patient and kind with me. This photograph of Dr. Phillips was taken at our last visit. Mrs. Hodges forgot to take her photograph on this trip.

Isn't the doctor cute with her curls?

Isn’t Dr. Phillips cute with her curls?

I do not like to sit in the kennel for the car ride. Mrs. Hodges said it is safer for me to be in a kennel, but I would prefer to sit on the seat. She said there might be dogs at the Animal Hospital who might not like a cat who is loose. But, I have long nails and I can hiss.

Mrs. Hodges still put me in the kennel.

I don't like to sit in a kennel.

I don’t like to sit in a kennel.

The doctor said my knees pop out-of-place, and that sometimes I may limp. They weighed me. I have gained four pounds. I now weigh 22.3 pounds. I don’t know why women don’t like to talk about how much they weigh. It is really only just a number. And you are what are. But you are more than your weight.

Don’t attach your value and your worth to the number you see on the bathroom scale. [ tweet that here. chirp chirp]

Just think how valuable you are. God gave you thumbs. Unfortunately he didn’t give you whiskers or fur. But you can’t have everything.

The veterinarian said I am fine.

Thankfully I don’t have to use Head and Shoulders shampoo. Dr. Phillips told Mrs. Hodges not to bathe me, but to just comb my fur gently. The veterinarian suggested Mrs. Hodges give me Fish Oil.

My knees are fine, and she didn’t put me on a diet. I would be crushed if I couldn’t eat the occasional mouse.

And the cough? Well, maybe the air was a little dry. Dr.Philips listened to my chest with a stethoscope and didn’t hear anything weird.

Mrs. Hodges looked on the computer for when a cat has a dry hacking cough and no hairball comes up. She thought I would need an x-ray and that I was possibly dying.

I am not dying. But, I am touched by her deep love for me.

If your cat is sick take them to the veterinarian. They depend on you. They can’t drive themselves there.

Remember you have thumbs, we don’t.

What do you do when your pet is sick?

Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat.


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