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It is hard to type when you are a cat

I am a cat trying to learn how to type

It is hard to type when you are a cat. I am a writer. I have stories to tell. However, I don’t have thumbs. While my typist has been outside gardening I have been trying to practice typing with my tail.

Cats have a lot of control in the movement of their tail. It is possible to make a hook shape and it is possible to move the tail from side to side. I have not been able to apply enough force to push down the individual keys. The other bad thing about trying to type with your tail is you can’t see what you are typing.

cat types to type

I have tried to turn my head to coordinate the movement of my tail with hitting individual keys. It didn’t work.

I was able to dust the keyboard with my tail.

Next I tried to use my hind legs to type, but that didn’t work either. I really need thumbs.

Typing with my hind legs

Actually what I need is Mrs. Hodges to type for me in the morning when she wakes up at 5:00 a.m., instead of going outside to garden.

I am a writer. I have stories to tell.

The first chapter of my book is written, The Cat With The Bent Ear. However Mrs. Hodges has been weeding her flower beds instead of typing chapter two.

Will you help me please?

Please send Mrs. Hodges an email, Tell her you want her to stop weeding. Tell her to let me dictate chapter two of my book to her.

She is not listening to me. Perhaps she will listen to you.

At least she cleans my litter boxes twice a day. I won’t fire her. We do have seven litter boxes.

All the best.

love Pooh

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