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JR would like to be a writer

This morning when I came downstairs to dictate to my typist, Mrs. Hodges, JR, the black kitten, was waiting for me on the computer. Just yesterday JR and I had a long talk about the hardships of writing; Long hours at the computer, getting up early every day to write, possibly writing for years and never getting anything published.

“Writing is hard work JR.”
“I want to be a writer like you Pooh.”
“JR, you already are a writer.”

Steven Pressfield said, “You are a writer, when you say you are.” Mr. Pressfield wrote The WAR of ART and a lot of other books. He must know what he is talking about.

I am so proud of JR, he wants to be a writer like me. I must be careful and not get too vain by the compliment.  I am deeply grateful for the honor.

JR has been doing  well in his literature class. He really likes to read, and has written several short poems. His favorite genre is the haiku. My senior staff member. Mrs. Hodges, use to live in Tokyo. She put  JR’s poem on the fridge.

snow outside the door
sleeping in sunshine window
waiting for spring

JR had been assigned the job of managing the staircase. He sits on the top step  and monitors who walks up and down the staircase. The job is dangerous, as he is black. He has almost been stepped on several times. I will give him a new title, Writers Apprentice.

I will teach him to write something personal, to write his true feelings. Today we will read the article by Jeff Goins, Why You Should Tell the Ugly Parts of Your Story.  I want JR to write his story.

Do you have a story to tell? Why don’t you write it?


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