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I am a cat. I write.

Kittens like to play with paper bags. Would you like me to send you a paper bag?

Kittens like to play with paper bags. Really we do. Paper bags are so much fun to hide in. And you can even chew on the handles.

Mrs. Hodges leaves paper bags and cardboards boxes all over the house. I love her when she does that. I mean, I love her when she gives me a paper bag to play with.Well, I love her when she feeds me too. And I love her when she cleans the litter boxes.

Would you like me to send you a paper bag to play with? I don’t think Mrs. Hodges has any bags big enough for a human, but I can get her to send you a bag like I have.

Really I can. She is my typist. I can ask her now.

“Mrs. Hodges, will you please send a paper bag to one of my kitten friends?”

Would any kittens like to win a paper bag with cat drawings all over it? Share on X

“Sure I can Harper. How will we choose which kitten gets a paper bag?”

“Hmmm. I am not sure. Why don’t we write all of their names on a piece of paper. Then, well, then, lets put all of the names on the table and I can knock one of the names on the floor, just like I pushed your computer mouse on the floor that you couldn’t find for four days, and your glasses but thankfully they didn’t break and you found them, and your pencil sharpener, and your pencils, and the salt and pepper, and the glass bowl that smashed and you had to put me in the laundry room and close the door because you said I might cut my feet. But they are not feet they are really paws. Martha, the dog, told me that.”

“What a great idea Harper.”

Hi, it’s me Harper again. So, there you have it. If you would like me to send you a a paper bag to play in. That is, if you are a cat. Please tell me in the comments if you would like to be in the drawing for a paper bag.

Kittens like to play in paper bags. I know. I am a kitten. Share on X

A week from today. Tuesday, September 29th, Mrs. Hodges will write down all of your names on a piece of paper, and one of the kittens will get a paper bag from me. Maybe, just maybe Mrs. Hodges can draw cat pictures on the bag.

“Yes, Harper I will. I will draw kittens on the bag. ”

I would write down your names but I don’t have any thumbs.

Oh goody. This will be so much fun.

Oh, and do you like to play with paper bags? I am curious.


Love Harper,
(now I have to go to bed.It is really late at night, and I am tired.)

(And Mrs. Hodges needs her sleep so she
can clean the seven litter boxes tomorrow morning.)


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Hi, it's me, Harper. I help humans understand their cats. I write about what a cat thinks. I know because I am a cat. Mrs. Hodges is my typist. I dictate and she types. I am The cat Who writes.™

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