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Life is always better after a cat nap

Life is always better after a cat nap


Are you struggling with something in your life? Did someone forget to feed you? Do you have a hairball in your stomach and you are having a hard time coughing it up? Are you depressed because you don’t have thumbs and can’t open the can of  Classic Pâté?

I am so sorry that life feels hard now. I really do. Please let me help you.


Please find a sunbeam, and lay down in it. Close your eyes and feel the warmth from the sun. Take deep breaths and relax.

Rest is healing. The warmth from the sun is healing.

I know your problem feels big. It may feel like a huge boulder.


Life is always better after a cat nap.

Please message me privately if you don’t want to share your burden publicly, or if you would like prayer.

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Now I will go and find a sunbeam.

All my best,
Love Pooh

p.s. This is Charlie in the photograph.

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I was adopted from The Humane Society. I was separated from my twin brother and don't know where he is.

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