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Martha, my bodyguard has arthritis, and can’t walk up the stairs anymore

Martha, a dog and my dearest friend, has arthritis.

She couldn’t get up on her hind legs on her own.  My typist, Mrs. Hodges, had to help Martha up. Once she was up she could walk, but it was scary to see my friend so weak. Mrs. Hodges thought Martha might be on her last legs. They are her only legs so of course they are her last legs.


Martha was a princess for Halloween

Mrs. Hodges took Martha to the veterinarian. She was very worried. The first night of Martha’s illness Mrs. Hodges and her youngest child slept on the floor in the living room beside Martha’s bed. Martha had always slept upstairs beside Mr. and Mrs. Hodges bed. And this night, for the first time in Martha’s life, Martha couldn’t walk up the stairs.

When Martha tried to squat to urinate, her hide legs couldn’t support her.

Martha Went to see the Veterinarian

I wasn’t sure if Martha would come back from the veterinarian. Sally, a dog who lived in the Hodges house when I was one year old, went to the veterinarian and never came back. She was fourteen. They said she was put to sleep. She is still sleeping. Sometimes Mrs. Hodges says to the children, “Let me put you to sleep.” I like naps, but I do like to wake up.

Martha came back from the Veterinarian with a little green bottle. Mrs. Hodges gives Martha one pill wrapped in peanut butter every day.

Martha can get up by herself now.

“What did the veterinarian say Mrs. Hodges?”

“Martha has arthritis Pooh. She has to take medicine every day now.”

All Life is Valuable

It is sad that Martha can’t walk up the stairs anymore. She sleeps a lot during the day. She is an old dog. But life is valuable. All life. Even an old dog who sleeps all day has value.

In my daily reading on Facebook I see a lot of video’s of kittens and puppies. There are so many people who like to look at kittens. A dog with a gray muzzle who doesn’t chase the ball anymore or frolic may be overlooked. But in her eyes and gray muzzle I see compassion and wisdom and  beauty. The gray hair on Martha’s muzzle is as beautiful as the finest silver and gold.

Martha has been my friend ever since she came to live with us over six years ago. She is my bodyguard and I love her.

Mrs. Hodges has a plan to help Martha live longer. The veterinarian thought her plan was a good idea.

Can you guess what Mrs. Hodges is going to do? Please tell me in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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Our Dogs Name is Martha by Pamela Hodges



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