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Martha, my bodyguard is training a kitten


Martha, my dog, is my personal bodyguard.  She sits by the back door of the house on her bed and makes sure no one comes in. When I go door to door selling my mice, she waits for me at the end of the driveway and protects me from oncoming traffic.

Last year our neighbors house was broken into. The bad guys had walked behind our house to see if they wanted to come in.  Martha stood up and barked, the bad guys didn’t try to come in our house, they went next door.

I know I am scary as well. But I was out hunting mice and didn’t have an opportunity to show the bad guys my claws.

Martha also chases away deer who eat catnip from my garden. A serious matter, really. I need the catnip for my new business.

Martha has taken on Nepeta as an apprentice. They both sit on Martha’s bed and watch the back door for me. Now when Martha barks and Nepeta shows her claws the deer and bad guys will run away.

I am grateful for such dedicated bodyguards. A cat can not be too careful.

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