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I am writing a memoir.  I want to start every sentence with I. I chased a mouse. I caught a mouse. I ate a mouse.

I, I, I.

How boring.  I know the story is about my life.  But there must be a better way to write it. I need help.

My senior staff member talks about Jeff Goins all the time. Goins said this. Goins said that. Who is this Jeff Goins anyhow?

Jeff Goins was the most popular writing blogger in the 2012 Top Ten Blogs for Writers Contest, so he must know something.  I searched on his blog, for memoir writing  and found an article he wrote, Memoir Writing Tips from Marion Roach Smith.  Jeff Goins interviewed  Marion Roach Smith, the author of  The Memoir Project” target=”_blank”>The Memoir Project.  He did a really great interview. 

I wonder if Marion Roach Smith  has a cat?

Marion said to write my memoir, one story at a time. I will write about the death of my sister Eeyore.

 I am not supposed to make it sound like I am reading you my date calendar.  On January 6th I caught a mouse. On January 7th I caught another mouse. On January 8th, I napped for six hours straight.

I am also supposed to write about a universal theme, like love or honor. I will write about learning responsibility when I started my company.

In my essay I am supposed to tell the truth. Okay, I will admit it. It was me who barfed on the kitchen floor, not the dog.

I will write a personal essay today. Or would you rather know if I caught a mouse?

Have you ever written a memoir? Have you ever caught a mouse? Please let me know in the comments.

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