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Mr. Goins,my life is lived in “The In-Between”

The cat who writes is reading The In-Between by Jeff Goins

I spend most of my life waiting.

Waiting for my staff to open the front door.Waiting for my staff to open the cat food container and feed me. Waiting for Mrs. Hodges to clean the seven litter boxes. Waiting for the mouse to move so I can jump on it.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Life is waiting from one main event to the next.

But I enjoy the time in between getting fed and going outside.

I enjoy taking naps and sitting on my staff’s lap as we read books together.

Cat's like to read.

Jeff Goins wrote a book called “The In-Between.”  I just finished reading it today.

If you get frustrated waiting, or yell at red traffic lights like Jeff Goins does, you had better read this book. Actually, Mr. Goins may need to read his book again himself. Yelling at red lights is bad for your heart.

All things we wait for are not merely roadblocks on the long journey; they are the journey.
Jeff Goins – Page 93, The In-Between

I wonder if Mr. Goins has a cat? Perhaps a cat in his life would help him enjoy life more. A cat would show him how to take a nap in a sunbeam. And a cat would help him enjoy his journey through life more.

Well, he does have a baby, and that is almost as good as a cat.

Do you like to wait?

At least you have thumbs, so life can’t be that bad. Really, now.

P.S. The book is an affiliate link. The pennies Amazon pays me, helps pay for kitty litter. We have seven litter boxes and four cats.


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