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Mrs. Hodges toys come alive in December

Mrs. Hodges, my typist, has some unusual toys. She bought them at Target for $3.00. A lion she named Frank; an elephant named Edward. There is also Margaret, the giraffe, Willow, the cheetah, and Bob the tiger.

Her animals come alive  at the stroke of midnight in December. Their last day to be alive is Christmas Eve.

I have seen so many interesting things while Mrs. Hodges sleeps.

I saw Bob and his friends smash nine eggs on December 1st.

The toys come alive in December

On December 2nd I watched as the toys pushed out the books on the bookcase.

The toys pushed the books out of the bookcase.

December 3rd I tried to get the toys to stop covering Mrs. Hodges desk with toilet paper. They wouldn’t listen to me. I left my assistant Charlie in charge.

The toys toilet papered Mrs. Hodges writing desk.

When they turned on the water in the kitchen sink and began washing the silverware, I cautioned them, “Be careful.  There may be shark knives in the sink.”

The toys washed the silverware.


They made Christmas cookies, and a mess. Mrs. Hodges will not be pleased.
The toys made cookies, and a mess.

And when they decorated the Christmas tree, I supervised.

The toys decorated the tree.

I wonder what the toys will do tonight at midnight?

During the day I sleep in sunbeams and at night I am awake. Usually I try to sneak out of the house. Last summer I could go out at night all the time. But ever since I got in a fight with another cat, Mrs. Hodges will not open the door for me late at night when I sit politely in front of it.

Mrs. Hodges loves me. And, for that I am grateful.

Now, I don’t want to go outside at night. It is obvious to me I should be responsible and supervise the toys.

If you would like to follow the toys adventure, go to toycember on facebook. Mrs. Hodges puts her updates there, or you can follow her blog, 

Now to find a sunbeam.

All the best,

Love Pooh

p.s. Have your toys ever be in a different spot in the morning? Maybe they came alive? Please tell me in the comments.

p.s.s If your toys have an adventure please put them on toycember’s facebook wall. Mrs. Hodges won’t mind. She likes to share. She shares her pillow with me all the time.


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