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My new book, “CATS are better than DOGS,” is finished

 The Cat Who Writes works on his book

Mrs Hodges, my typist, helped me finish my book, CATS are better than DOGS. I am so grateful she is willing to use her thumbs to help me with my writing.

If you would like to never, ever, ever worry about missing my stories.  you can sign up  by giving me your e-mail address. The stories  will be sent directly to your e-mail. And don’t you worry about a thing. You can trust me. I will put my paw on the Bible and promise I will never give away your e-mail address. Not even to my typist.

You can trust her too. Anyone who cleans  seven litter boxes every day can be trusted.

We stayed up until 3:40 in the morning, editing and adding the link to the book to Mail Chimp so new subscribers can get the book for free when they sign up, or subscribe.

Even though Cats are better than dogs. I do have some very good friends who are dogs.

Martha, my bodyguard, is a very close personal friend. I do not hold her inability to remain calm when company comes against her. Not all species have the ability to remain calm and dignified when the doorbell rings.

Edelweiss, a white dog, is also my friend. Edelweiss writes at GermanEdel. Her mommy types for her. I have never met Edelweiss, but on-line friends can be real too.

My other doggie friend is Tink Caron. She has guest posted for me before. She wrote about missing her mommy. A guest post with Tink the dog. She misses her Mommy. 

Do you think Cats are better than Dogs? Please tell me in the comments. I would love to find out what you think. Really, I would.


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