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I am a cat. I write.

Never give up on your dream even if you are a cat

I finally got my typist to type for me again. She said she was too busy. But, she had time to watch Netflix. I should have just hired someone else.

I have spent the last year supervising the laundry. Why do people have so many clothes? Why don’t they just lick themselves? (Is it because they don’t want to vomit up hairballs?)

If you have a dream of being a writer do everything you can to make sure you write every day. Are you a person? You have no excuses to not write. You have thumbs.

I will be writing every week again. My typist promised me. When I couldn’t get her to type I made up stories in my head while I supervised the laundry sorting.
I will let you know what I am working on next week.

What do you want to know? It is had been so long. I still have seven litter boxes.

Please tell me how you are. We haven’t talked in for so long. I miss you.


About Harper

I was adopted from The Humane Society. I was separated from my twin brother and don't know where he is.

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This is an animal blog. Written by animals. Humans are only necessary to type for us. We don’t have thumbs.

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