The cat Who writes™

A cat Who writes about life and being a cat.

I wrote a Clerihew today.

Yesterday I met a really nice writer. He is a person not a cat. His name is Paul.

Paul who writes at birds and trees of the mind, introduced the poetic form clerihew yesterday. The clerihew was invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley. I wonder what they would have called the poetic form he invented if his middle name was Catnip?

Sometimes you have to cry

For the past two weeks I have gotten up early with my senior staff member, Mrs. Hodges. She is my typist. I patiently waited for her to listen to me. I dictate. She types. But she has been too busy writing her own stories. She has not typed any of my stories. I am sad.

I am starting my own business: catnip toys

Catnip is one of my favorite herbs. I don’t mind if it is not organic. The only problem is I don’t have any thumbs to open up the package.

JR would like to be a writer

This morning when I came downstairs to dictate to my senior staff member, JR was waiting for me on the computer. Just yesterday we had a long talk about the hardships of writing: Long hours at the computer, getting up early every day to write, possibly writing for years and never getting anything published.

“Writing is hard work JR.”

“I want to be a writer like you Pooh.”

Lead Like a Marine- Not a Kindergarten Student

Are you The Big Boss at your company? Are you the boss who always takes the best parking space right by the front door of your company? Do you have a sign by your parking space that says, RESERVED FOR THE BIG BOSS?

Are you the kind of leader who runs to be first in line in the company cafeteria?

Well, if you are. STOP IT.

Martha has learned how to share

One of the qualities I try to instill in my employees it the ability to share. It is important as a CEO to model good behavior to my four staff members. The three kittens and one dog. I share all of my books, and my catnip.
Martha owns two beds. She has one in the basement by the back door where she watches for bad guys. She also has a bed in the library. This morning when I was making my rounds of the house, checking up on my staff, and my employees. I noticed JR, the small black kitten, asleep on Martha’s bed. Martha was wondering what to do.

I am the artistic director for my web-site

Last night, we sat by the fire and watched a movie about a dog, Hatchi. My senior staff member drew cartoons of me for my new web-site design, while we watched. She draws the pictures, but I get final say in the drawing that is used. She is, after all, my staff. I showed her which one I wanted.

I did not hide my staff’s glasses

Today I had planned on writing about litter boxes. But, the litter box story will have to wait. My senior staff member has lost her old pair of glasses. She has been looking for them everywhere. She has been writing about it for days. She looked under the bed, she looked in the glove compartment of her car. She still has not found her glasses.

Who licked the butter dish?

I have told my staff so many times, “Cover the butter dish! Please cover the butter dish. Hey, cover the butter dish.” The kittens jump on the counter and lick the butter. This morning as I was making my inspection of the kitchen I saw that the butter had been licked, again. It wasn’t a mouse that licked the butter. A mouse would have bitten the butter and left claw marks from their nails.

I will listen to Seth Godin and not my mother

When I was a young kitten my mother said to me, “Son, you must learn how to catch mice. It is a good solid profession. The mice you catch will feed you and your family. You can market your Mouse Hunting Business to your neighbors and catch mice for them.”

“But Mom, I want to be a writer.”