The Cat Who Writes™

I am a cat. I write.

I was trapped by a cardboard box

This morning I was walking into the laundry room to eat my breakfast, when I was caught in a cat trap. I have told my staff countless times, “Put the boxes from the grocery store  in recycling immediately. They are traps. Do not leave them out.” My staff did not listen. I will hold a […]

We have hired two new employees

We have hired two new employees.  They are twins. A boy and a girl. JR and Nepeta. My staff was having a hard time taking their picture, as they would not sit still. The best place to keep them quiet for a portrait was in pockets. JR , the black male, is named after Johnny […]

“Who Shredded the Paper Towel Roll?” by Pooh Hodges

“Who Shredded the Paper Towel Roll?” by Pooh Hodges Who shredded the paper towel roll? I didn’t do it. It wasn’t me. Was it a bear? Was is a mouse? Was it an elephant? Was it a fox? Was it a dog? No. It wasn’t a bear. It wasn’t a mouse. It wasn’t an elephant. […]

Today I will take Seth Godin’s advice and make a decision

    This morning I read Seth Godin’s blog.  I always read Mr. Godin first thing in the morning. I read it before I take my hourly bath. I  read it before I use the litter box.  I read it before I go outside and hunt mice. Today Mr. Godin, told me my job is […]

I have filled out a requisition form for more kittens.

Charlie, my assistant, has a new job assignment.  Charlie’s job is a lateral move.   He is now Head of Human Relations He was originally hired to help market my mouse hunting business to local housewives.  However I have found the local mouse population has decreased due to construction on our street. The noise of the […]

My staff was given a Memo today: Seven Ways To Keep A Cat Happy

  This morning I met with each of my staff members to give them their performance evaluations for last year.  Overall they did fairly well. They did not get a raise, but I did give them a bonus. I am pleased with my staff.  It is important when you lead a group of people, to […]

I am working on January First, my assistant Charlie has the day off

Charlie my assistant stayed awake until midnight last night. He was determined to see the New Year in. I wisely went to bed early. I needed a good nights sleep so I would be well rested to hunt mice this morning. Charlie was still asleep when I left for work.  I don’t take holidays. There […]

Therapy Thursday: My kitten keeps trying to eat my food

  Dear Pooh Hodges, My kitten keeps jumping up on the table and eating my food. My soup was too hot, so I walked away from the table, to let it cool off. When I came back, the kitten had eaten my soup.  What should I do? Signed, Sally Smith   Dear Sally, I can […]

Therapy Thursday: My litter box is dirty and my staff won’t clean it

  Dear Pooh Hodges, I am a cat. I know you get letters from people, so I wanted to make sure you knew I was a cat. The home where I live has only one litter box. I use it all the time, but my staff don’t clean my litter box every day. I hate […]

Throw away the tinsel, it could kill your cat

My staff brought up the Christmas ornaments from the basement today. When they opened the box I was horrified to see tinsel in the container.  I thought the tinsel was thrown away last year,  when my staff took the ornaments off of the tree. At the staff meeting this morning I will tell Mrs. Hodges to […]