The Cat Who Writes™

I am a cat. I write.

This Christmas give a gift from the heart

The sun was shining in the window in a narrow beam onto the carpet. I moved over and gave the sunbeam to my Vice-President Charlie.

Giving a sunbeam is a simple gift. A gift from the heart.

Why It Is Important To Call Yourself A Writer: Even If You Are A Cat

Humans get asked what their occupation is, cats don’t get asked this. This is such a struggle, to be recognized as a writer. I want others to recognize I am a writer, but first I have to believe it myself.

Don’t let your cats outside on Halloween

I regret to inform you. Not all humans are nice. I know this because I read the newspaper and watch the news on television. And sometimes humans do mean things to animals on Halloween.

Please don’t ask me to go into detail, as children may be reading my stories.

Cats have a hard time picking a winner

Cats have a hard time picking a winner. Cats have such a soft gentle nature, we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

A few days ago I offered to give away my birthday party hat. Mrs. Hodges wrote out seven pieces of paper with seven numbers on them. I know you can not see number seven. But, it is there.

Cats love birthday parties if they can wear a party hat

Mrs. Hodges had a birthday on Saturday. She has one ever year. This year she had party hats.

And I wanted one.

Cats are good at training dogs not to bark when the doorbell rings

Martha, my bodyguard, barks when the doorbell rings. That is Martha, the dog, not Mrs. Hodges, my typist. Mrs. Hodges fortunately doesn’t bark every time the doorbell rings.

Charlie, my assistant, who is a cat, and I are training Martha not to bark when the doorbell rings.

Cats make good guard cats

Dogs can be scary. I realize that. And often people buy dogs to scare away bad guys. Dogs are loud and have big teeth. But. Dogs are not the only animal that can scare away burglars.

Cats have big teeth as well. And cats have sharp claws. Cats make good guard cats.

Cats and humans should nap and watch football on Sunday afternoon

Today is Sunday and I am not writing today. I know I signed up for the 31 Day Blogging Challenge, but I don’t want to write today. And because I don’t want to write, I won’t.

I want to take a nap. Cats and humans should nap on Sunday afternoon. So I will.

Cats are good at helping

    One of my staff, Piper,  was sewing an outfit. As the cat who manages the Hodges household it is important for me to make sure she was working to the best of her abilities. And she can not do her best work without me to assist her. The best way for a cat to […]

Every cat needs a cardboard box

It is rather obvious what a cat needs to survive. Cats need a lot of the same things humans need. If you are a human you know you need oxygen, food and water to survive.|

But, you may have not realized there is a fourth thing that is necessary for a cat’s survival. A cardboard box.