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I am a cat. I write.

Please brush your cats, barfing up hairballs is not fun.

Cats need to be brushed. Barfing up hairballs is not fun.

I am a cat. But then, you knew that. My body is covered in thick fur. Did you know I can’t take off my coat? Even if I could take off my fur like a human’s winter coat, I don’t have thumbs, so I would be unable to undue the buttons.

The only way I can clean my coat is by licking my fur. And then I barf up hairballs. On the carpet in the house where I live. At least I don’t have to clean up the mess I make. My human staff clean up my mess.

It is my house. The humans who I chose to live have a job to pay the mortgage. I never did earn any money with my mouse hunting business which I retired from. My writing hasn’t paid any bills yet, but hopefully my autobiography will do well on Amazon.

My staff has been well-trained. They brush me every morning. And every morning they still get a lot of hair off  me.

In my life I have been brushed with many kinds of brushes. I only recommend the Oster Clean & Healthy Shedzilla Professional De-Shedding Tool

The above link is an affiliate link. Mrs. Hodges my typist is always telling people the pennies Amazon pays her helps pay for kitty litter. She is right, it does. There are four cats in my house and seven litter boxes.

I only recommend something I use myself. You can trust me. I am a cat.

About Harper

I was adopted from The Humane Society. I was separated from my twin brother and don't know where he is.

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This is an animal blog. Written by animals. Humans are only necessary to type for us. We don’t have thumbs.

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