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Please leave the lids up on our water bowls

Charlie is really learning quickly. I am proud of him.
He knows where all my three porcelain water bowls are in the house, and  he is adept at drinking from them.

My staff does leave dishes of water on the floor in the kitchen for the dog. There are always floating bits of dog slobber and dog food in the dogs water dish. The water is not fresh.  I have told the staff  several times to leave a bowl of fresh water for the smallest kittens, as they are too small to drink from my private porcelain bowls. The kittens could fall in, and get flushed when I push the handle for fresh water.

I can’t imagine drinking from a water dish on the floor that a dog has drunk from. I prefer to drink fresh water from one of my three private water bowls.  One of my water bowls has a blue lid. My Senior Staff put on a blue lid  to remind her to be bold this year. She said this was The Year of the Blue Toilet Seat. I am not sure what she is talking about. Why doesn’t she just sit down and write the book she keeps talking about.  She should be sitting at her computer writing, not sitting on a blue seat on my water bowl.  

At today’s staff meeting I will remind my staff, again, to leave the lids up on my water bowls. They have thumbs to lift the lids and I don’t . Sometimes they go in my watering rooms and close the door.  I hear them flush the water in the bowl, and then I know it is filled with fresh water again.

All this talking has made me thirsty. I dictate, my Senior Staff types. I will go and see if they left the lid up.





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