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Sometimes a cat will share the “dog” beds

Mrs. Hodges bought very large beds for us to lay on. I overheard her say they were dog beds, but, I saw a photograph on her computer where the beds are called pet beds. BUT, there was a photograph of a dog in the photograph.


If it is a PET bed, why wasn’t there a cat in the photograph? I think Mrs. Hodges needs to call Costco and get them to take new photographs and put a cat on the bed too.

“Hey Mrs. Hodges!”

“Yes, Harper.”

“Why do you call the pet beds, dog beds?”

“Well, they are very large, and I bought them for the dogs.”

“I am devastated. They are not for the cats?”

“No Harper, I bought them for the dogs. You have all the beds in the house and the living room sofa. However, the dogs love you and let you and the other cats have the dog beds.”

Hmmm, it appears that the dogs accept the cats as leaders in the house. We get all the dog, I mean, pet beds.

Annie, the dog who lives in my house, likes to take a nap with me sometimes. I don’t mind.

Cats can share. We are actually very good at sharing. I share the large Queen size bed in my master bedroom with Mrs. Hodges and her husband. And I share the living room sofa with the humans who live in my house.


I even share the seven litter boxes with the other five cats who live here.

However, there is one thing I don’t like to share – the printer. The printer is mine. I will tell you about the printer tomorrow.

Do you like to share?

Would you share your pet bed with a dog?

Love Harper


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