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Take care of The Bottom Line

I am guest posting today at Mrs. Hodges blog, i paint i write.   I think she must be tired from painting black lines on long underwear. She really shouldn’t leave projects until the last-minute. It is a bad habit.  (Mrs. Hodges is my typist.)

Take Care of the Bottom Line

Are you the head of your company? Are you responsible for several employees? Do you have 10 employees? 100? 1,000? 30,000?

You have to manage production, output, people, salaries, inventory and taxes. You need to care of the bottom line. Well, your bottom line is not just a dollar amount.

Your bottom line is really a bottom issue. What kind of toilet paper does your staff wipe their bottoms with? What kind of toilet paper do you buy? What paper is in the bathroom stall in your company restrooms?

Read more at Mrs. Hodges’  i paint i write.


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