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Ten Reasons Why Cats Prefer Catnip to Coffee


Ten Reasons Why Cats Prefer Catnip to Coffee

Why do people drink coffee? I really don’t understand. Why would a person want to drink coffee when they can smell catnip?

And ce3333333333333333333333333333333333333333.

Did you see that?

One of the kittens just walked across the keyboard.

“Mrs. Hodges please don’t delete that line of three’s. I have been trying to teach Nepeta, the kitten, for days how to type the number 3.”

“Of course Pooh. I won’t delete the long line of three’s.”

Can you see the plant that is behind me in the photograph? The green plant with purple flowers. It is catnip. I love to smell it first thing in the morning. Smelling catnip is a much better way to start the day.  I also have a toy with catnip in it.

Perhaps people would enjoy their morning more if they had a toy to play with that is full of catnip?

Please excuse me while I nap on my catnip toy.

Please excuse me while I nap on my catnip toy.

Ten Reasons Why Cats Prefer Catnip To Coffee

  1. Catnip smells better than coffee.
  2. Catnip tastes better than coffee.
  3. Coffee keeps you awake. Why would anyone want to stay awake when they can take a nap in a sunbeam?
  4. Catnip helps you sleep.
  5. You can take a nap and cuddle with a catnip toy. You can not take a nap and cuddle with a cup of coffee.
  6. The catnip plant is pretty to look at. It has purple flowers.
  7. Coffee is dark brown and looks like mud.
  8.  Coffee stains your teeth brown, catnip does not stain your teeth.
  9. You have to wash your coffee cup. You don’t have to wash your catnip toy.
  10. A cat does not have thumbs to hold a coffee mug. To enjoy catnip a cat does not need thumbs.
  11. And I have to add one more reason. A sort of bonus. If you tried to take a nap with your coffee mug you might spill the coffee on the carpet. And, that would be messy.

Can you think of any other reasons cats prefer catnip to coffee? Please tell me the comments. I always love to hear from you.

Really, I should have titled the story, Why Catnip is Better Than Coffee. It is really not a matter of preference. It is the truth.

I wish you all the best today.

And we can still be friends even if you prefer, as a human, to drink coffee instead of smell catnip. The best part of being friends is that we don’t have to think exactly the same.

All my best,
Love Pooh

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