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The best way to keep a puppy from running upstairs is a cat in a chair

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Mrs. Hodges, my typist, brought home my new bodyguard, Penny, several weeks ago. Well, six weeks, three days, seven hours, six minutes and 43 seconds to be exact.

Training a puppy is a lot of work.

Mrs. Hodges is constantly chasing the puppy around the house trying to take our catnip toys out of the puppy’s mouth. And I am constantly having to swat the puppy in the nose when it tries to chase me. I don’t run away. I stand my ground.

The puppy’s new trick is to run up the stairs and pee on the carpet in Mrs. Hodges bedroom. The puppy is a very fast runner. Before Mrs. Hodges can get to her, she has peed.

The best puppy gate, a cat in a chair

She talked about buying a baby gate to put at the bottom of the staircase, but Timber, the youngest staff member suggested putting the kitchen chairs there instead.

The best way to keep a puppy from running upstairs is a cat in a chair

If you  have a puppy in your house, don’t buy a baby gate for the bottom of the stairs, just put a cat in a chair. It really works.

What would you do to keep a puppy from running upstairs? I think Mrs. Hodges could use some advice.  Please leave her a comment.  She seems to need it.

I think she should stop the puppy from eating the staircase.

I think she needs to stop the puppy from chewing the staircase.

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