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Therapy Thursday: My kitten keeps trying to eat my food


Dear Pooh Hodges,

My kitten keeps jumping up on the table and eating my food. My soup was too hot, so I walked away from the table, to let it cool off. When I came back, the kitten had eaten my soup.  What should I do?

Signed, Sally Smith


Dear Sally,

I can really understand how frustrated you must feel. My staff have the same problem with our youngest kittens. They keep jumping up on the table and eating their food.

The solution is really very simple. Put a colander over the food. We only have one colander in our house now. I have asked the staff to buy four more colanders, so that each serving is protected. I have five staff members now.

I suppose I should train the youngest kittens to not jump up on the table,  but I am so busy catching mice in the field or napping.  I hope this works for you Sally. Please let me know.

All the best,

Love Pooh


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