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Five ways to help an older cat adjust to a new kitten



Good Morning Dear Friends.

Today is Therapy Thursday.  Every Thursday I will be answer one letter from my readers. Please send your problems to me on the advice page on my blog.

Please give me your snail mail address as well, and I will send you a 8×10 autographed photograph of me, if your letter is chosen. I am going to the studio today to sit for my portrait. Do you think I should wear a suit and tie or be more informal?

Each week I will choose one letter to answer.

Today’s letter is from Jade. She asks, “Hey Pooh Bear, I just got this new kitten, and my older cat is not so happy about it. What should I do?”

How wonderful  to have a new kitten.  I will give you a step by step plan to help the kitten and the older cat adjust.

1. Put your kitty in your bedroom and close the door.
Give the kitten a litter box, food and water. The older cat needs time to get use to the new cats smell.  The kitten may be nervous and hide under your bed for a few days. Charlie, my Vice-President, hid under my staffs bed for a week, before he ventured out on his own. Do not force the kitten to socialize.

2. Feed your older cat in front of your bedroom door.
I took my meals for a week in front of my staff’s bedroom door when we got our new kitten Charlie.  It was a nuisance to walk up the stairs for every meal when I was used to being given my dinner in the laundry room  on the main floor. The first few days, my staff carried me up the stairs to my food.

3.  Purchase five or six more litter boxes.
 The older cat will not want to share his litter box. My staff purchased six more litter boxes and placed one in every bedroom in my house. I do not want the new cat in our house to go in my litter box.

4. Immediately go and get another kitten.
Two kittens are better than one. The older cat will not want to play with the kitten.  I have a new kitten in my household and he  jumps on my tail.  I am annoyed by this behavior. My therapist tells me the behavior is not annoying, I am choosing to be annoyed.

5. Buy the older cat a new toy.
Buy the older cat a new toy with catnip in it.  Just because a cat is older doesn’t mean they are not playful, or that they don’t like presents.

I will have to give this list to my staff, so they will know I want a new toy.  I like catnip.


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