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There is a new kitten in the bathroom and her name is …

Mrs. Hodges brought home a kitten.  She is living in the upstairs bathroom right now. Hopefully she will be out soon, I would like to meet her.

The day we met Harper at the Humane Society of Berks County, Pennsylvania

The day Mrs. Hodges met Harper at the Humane Society of Berks County, Pennsylvania

I am a rather large animal and the kitten is small, but I promised Mrs. Hodges I will be gentle when I do get to meet the kitten.

Mrs. Hodges doesn’t know this, but late at night when everyone is asleep I lay outside of the bathroom door and talk to the kitten.

“Little Kitty, Mrs. Hodges thinks you want to be a writer.”

“I do. I do want to be a writer. I told Mrs. Hodges I had lots of stories to tell her about living in the barn with my brother.”

“She wants to name you Harper Lee after the writer Harper Lee who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird.”

“Was Harper Lee a cat like me? Did she eat the mockingbird?”

“No, she was a person, and she didn’t eat the bird. She only wrote one book. Well two. They just found an old manuscript of hers and are publishing it this year.”

“If she names me Harper, does that mean I can only write one book?”

“No, you can write more than one book. You can write one hundred books if you want to.”

“I will Martha. I will write one hundred books. What do you think is a good name for me Martha?”

“I am not sure. Harper is a nice name. We could name you Steve after Steven Pressfield. He is Mrs. Hodges favorite author. He wrote a whole bunch of books too. But you are a girl, so Steve might not be a good name for you.”

The kitten has a cold

We already have three cats in the house, and Mrs. Hodges is keeping the kitten in the bathroom until they get use to her smell. And, the kitten has a cold, so she has to be isolated. Mrs. Hodges doesn’t want the other cats to get sick.

I wish Pooh was here to meet the kitten, and teach her how to read. I guess I will have to teach her now. The first word I will teach her how to read will be dog. d-o-g. And then cat, c-a-t.

I don’t care what they call her. I just want her to be my friend.

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Martha, a dog, was Pooh Hodges' bodyguard. Martha will be writing on the blog. Yes, a dog on a cats blog, until Mrs. Hodges finds another kitten who wants to be a writer.

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