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There is a new kitten in the house, and he doesn’t have a name


I smelled something odd today. I thought I smelled a cat in the house.  I mean another cat. I don’t have an odor. I bath five or six times a day.

My staff and I had talked about getting me a partner at our regular One on One meeting at four o’clock last Monday. I said getting another cat  sounded like a good idea. However, I did not want to my staff to get another cat without first seeking my approval. I wanted to interview the candidates and check for references.

I  have been President of Mouse Hunters for eight years. I would welcome  a Vice-President  in charge of marketing.  It takes me all day just to patrol the grounds, and check my trap lines for mice. I don’t have time to promote my business as well.

I followed the cat smell up the staircase to my staff’s bedroom. I saw a pair of eyes under the bed.  My staff had chosen a Vice-President without consulting me!  She had gone to The Cat Hotel and interviewed prospective employees without me. I have to be consulted about all details related to my company. I was not pleased.

I arched my back and said, “Hey, I am the President of this company!”

My staff closed the door to the bedroom. My staff said that the cat would be living in her bedroom for a week while the cats in the house got use to each others smell.  She read an article about how to introduce a new cat to the house.  She really doesn’t have to read an article about cats. She really must consult me more.  I am, after all, a cat.

I will get my staff in HR to go over the healthcare policy with the cat, and I will edit The Orientation Manual I am writing for new employees.


The cat doesn’t have a name. Do you have any suggestions?



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