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There would be no war if every human had a cat to nap with

Take a nap with a cat

A cat has many responsibilities when they are in charge of managing a home. One of their primary responsibilities is to love the  humans they live with and take naps with them.

Humans are often insecure and feel unloved. They tend to dwell on their past mistakes and feel insecure.

Because humans feel unloved and insecure, they get angry easily, don’t like to share, and are never satisfied with what they have. Because they are never satisfied with they have, they start wars.

Mr. Putin needs a cat.

I truly do not understand why more humans do not have cats to manage their household and love them.

There would be no war  if every human had a cat to nap with.

Mrs. Hodges, my typist, took a nap today.  And out of the kindness of my heart I decided to nap with her. She was sound asleep when I came in her room. She was very tired from sleeping in the dog kennel a few days ago. And she was tired from  helping  her daughter take out the puppy this morning at 4:30.

If a cat sleeps with a human, the human will wake up joyful and feel like they have the strength to carry on. They will not take toys that do not belong to them and they will not start a war.

“Mrs. Hodges did you feel better after I napped with you today?”

“Yes, Pooh I did. When I woke up I felt refreshed and I stopped dwelling on my past. I woke up filled with joy and the strength to carry on. I want to share my toys and I do not want to start a war. I won’t try to steal my neighbor’s house. It belongs to her, not me.”

If you are a cat and you see a person sleeping, go and lay beside them. Put your head on the pillow right next to the humans head, and then put your paw on their chest.

If  you are a person go to the humane society and get two cats. If one cat is good, two cats are better.

Did you take a nap today? Please tell me in the comments.

If you don’t have a cat to love you, please listen carefully to me. You are valuable and loved. Stop dwelling on your past mistakes. I don’t dwell on being abandoned by my father, the early death of my sister, or my frequent barfing on the carpet. We can not control our past. But we can control what we do today. Forgive yourself for barfing on the carpet and embrace today.

And if I had the chance to meet  you, I would take a nap with you so you would know how truly loved and amazing you are.

Mr. Putin needs to take a nap with a cat so he will learn to not take other people’s countries.

Check out your local SPCA and adopt an animal. Or donate money to the ASPCA. Your gift could save a life. And the animal might save yours.


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