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Three more sleeps until our puppy comes home

Mrs. Hodges told me today that we are getting a puppy. A little girl. A Golden Retriever.  In three more sleeps there will be a seven week old puppy in my kitchen.

a new puppy comes home

I will have to train the new dog to not chase the kittens. I am not sure if Mrs. Hodges knows how to train a puppy. And I will make sure the puppy doesn’t eat the cat food. Hopefully the puppy won’t get into our litter box.

What is a good puppy name?

Mrs. Hodges is not sure what to name the puppy. The three options now are, Winnie, Friday and Annie.

As I am a cat, I think the best name for a puppy would be Kitty. Or perhaps Meow. Or maybe they could just call the dog, “Cat.” As my name is Pooh, as in Winnie the Pooh, perhaps Winnie is a good name for the puppy.

Why are we getting a puppy?

I wonder why Mrs. Hodges is getting a puppy? Well, she is my typist. I will just ask her. “Why are we getting a puppy Mrs. Hodges?”

“Pooh. You know how Martha, the Chocolate Lab, has been very sad lately? Martha  needs a friend to walk and play with.  And, the puppy will be trained as a therapy dog; she will visit sick children in the hospital. Martha will help train the puppy too.”

In three more sleeps my world will be very different. This will be interesting.

What do you think is a good name for our puppy? Please click here to comment, or just scroll to the bottom of the post on my blog.

As always I love to hear from you.

Love Pooh


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