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Tucker and Cruz, two cool cats, review my book, “CATS are better than DOGS.”

Hello my dear friends.
Please welcome Tucker and Cruz.I am honored to have them on my site today with their review of my book, CATS are better than DOGS.

Are cats better than dogs? Absolutely! Why would anyone say otherwise? (Unless it’s a dog of course.)

We were so excited when Joan told us about Pooh Hodge’s new book Cats Are Better Than Dogs. Pooh has articulated eight reasons why cats are better. We agree with all of them, but have our favorites:

Tucker: I love reason #8—dogs chew table legs. I don’t know about dogs chewing table legs, but Pooh likes to shred paper towels. We are kindred spirits—I love to shred any kind of paper.

Cruz: I had to pick reason #7—dogs run away. Pooh always comes home when called. Yes, I know I ran away from home, but I learned my lesson. From now on, I will follow Pooh’s example and always come when called.

We recommend Pooh’s book for all cat owners and those thinking of getting a cat. It’s short, easy to read, and filled with wonderful illustrations by Pooh’s typist, Mrs. Hodges. If you would like a copy, visit him at The Cat Who Writes. We give the book “two paws up.”

So there you have it—cats are better than dogs. But please don’t tell our guard dog, Maggie. She’s very good to us and we wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings.


Thank you Tucker and Cruz for reviewing my book. I truly appreciate it. And if you would like to talk to them in the comments please do. They are prepared.

All the best,
Love Pooh

p.s. If you want to read some human writing. Please check out the typist for Tucker and Cruz, Joan Hall.

Twitter: @JoanHallWrites


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