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Water tastes better in a tea-cup

I live in a house with four people, two dogs and three cats, not including me. I am a cat. I like to drink my water from a tea-cup. Water tastes better in a tea-cup. It really does.


Mrs. Hodges, my typist, has a large bowl she fills with water. She puts it on the floor and the two dogs, the three other cats and I share this water bowl. I don’t mind drinking from the communal water bowl. However, after the two dogs have taken a drink, I don’t like to drink the water. They drool a little, and I find it unpleasant.

I prefer to drink from a tea-cup

Charlie prefers to drink his water from his a glass on the dining room table. The humans who we live with like to leave water glasses for us on the table. We wait our turn to drink from them. The humans will have a sip or two from the water-glass and then leave the room. While they are gone from the room, the cats are allowed to drink from the glass on the table.

We just have to stop drinking from the water-glass before the human returns. We don’t want to humans to know we have been drinking from the water-glass.

The Human and Cat Water Glass Game

The cat loses the game if the human finds the cat drinking from the water-glass. If the cat gets caught, the human throws the water away. It is a fun game. I have only lost once.

As always I love to hear from you.

Love Harper

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