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We have hired a new bodyguard, a small puppy

Pooh Hodges meets  the new bodyguard

Yesterday, my typist, Mrs. Hodges bought a small black puppy. My bodyguard Martha had requested assistance. She wanted to train another dog herself. Martha wanted a young dog to train rather than an older dog.

Hiring an older dog does have its advantages. Older dogs are already potty trained and they do not whine for their mothers all night.

Mrs. Hodges slept in the kennel last night with the puppy. She wrote about it on her blog. I slept in a dog kennel last night. She was very tired today. I waited for her this afternoon in her room and took a nap with her.

Taking a nap

The puppy has had several names today. Peggy, Penny, Maggie, then back to Peggy, then Penny again, Lucy and now it is Penny.

What would you name the puppy? 

Her training is going well. She only peed in the kitchen once today. She peed on the carpet four times yesterday, so we do see improvement.

A cat needs to have bodyguards. There are wild animals in the backyard, a fox and a groundhog. And as more people read my stories I feel the need for bodyguards. I love to sign autographs, I just don’t want anyone to step on me. I already have one bent ear.

Do you have a bodyguard? Please tell me in the comments. I would love to chat with you.

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