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We have hired two new employees

We have hired two new employees.  They are twins. A boy and a girl. JR and Nepeta.

My staff was having a hard time taking their picture, as they would not sit still. The best place to keep them quiet for a portrait was in pockets.

JR , the black male, is named after Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash played the guitar and wore black clothes. JR is all black, but I don’t think he wants to learn how to play the guitar.

Nepeta is the Genus name for Catnip. Nepeta likes to wait on the staircase and bat at your legs when you walk downstairs. She does like her catnip.

We had them quarantined for several days when they first arrived, as they had a runny nose. They are feeling much better now.

I am delighted to have them working with me.  I  have three cats now in my company and five staff who work for us. The staff have to take turns having a cat on their lap.

My staff are usually not sitting down at the same time. I assign one staff member to clean the litter box, or put out fresh water on an hourly basis.

The staff is trying very hard to keep their performance evaluations up.  I want all A players on my team.

I like A players.

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