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We have seven foster kittens – I am an Aunt now

Wow, we are fostering seven foster kittens! I haven’t met them yet, I am so excited to meet them. Mrs. Hodges showed me a photograph of them. Maybe they would like me to teach them how to knock everything off of my typist’s desk?

stencil (4)

I can hear them meowing through the door. They meow a lot. And they eat a lot too. Mrs. Hodges is always in the spare room with the kittens. She showed me this video of the kittens eating.

There are three boys and four girls. What would you name them? I want to name one of the girls Jane. For Jane Austen. Maybe she wants to be a writer too.

Am I am Aunt or an Uncle? I am not sure.

Do you like kittens?

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