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Who licked the butter dish?

I have told my staff so many times, “Cover the butter dish! Please cover the butter dish. Hey, cover the butter dish.”

The kittens jump on the counter and lick the butter. This morning as I was making my inspection of the kitchen I saw that the butter had been licked, again. It wasn’t a mouse that  licked the butter. A mouse would have bitten the butter and left claw marks from their nails.

The butter had been licked by a kitten.

Butter is bad for the kittens diet. Butter will raise the cholesterol level of the kittens. I do not want to put the kittens on special medicine because they have narrowing arteries.

Oh dear, it is time for another staff meeting. I have to scold my staff. When I found out who is responsible I will have to put a file in their folder. If they keep doing it they will not get a mid year bonus. I may have to move them from the A team to the B team. If  a B player and shows no improvement, they will be  moved to the C team. C team employees are monitored very closely. A  C player who does not improve, will probably be laid off.

The licking of the butter is a serious matter.  I am responsible for the health and welfare of all my employees. I can not be too careful.

Cover your butter.


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