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Why It Is Important To Call Yourself A Writer: Even If You Are A Cat

Good Morning Dear Friends.
I am honored to be a regular writer on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at “The Write Practice,” a delightful writing blog, where you receive constructive writing advice and an opportunity to practice what you have learned.
 My first story is: “Why It Is Important To Call Yourself A Writer.”
Why It Is Important To Call Yourself A Writer

Before others will believe what is true about you, you’ll have to first believe it yourself.
―Jeff Goins, You Are A Writer

A few days ago I went to the veterinarians’ office for my yearly check-up. On the intake form it asked what kind of cat I was. I  asked my typist to write down, “writer,” on the form.

hospitalandgoins book 057

Humans get asked what their occupation is, cats don’t get asked this. This is such a struggle, to be recognized as a writer. I want others to recognize I am a writer, but first I have to believe it myself.

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY at The Write Practice. Sorry I yelled. I yell when I get excited.

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