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Would any of you cats like to be a model for a coloring book?

Mrs. Hodges needs our help. She is making a coloring book, Color The Cats: Thirty Cat Coloring Pages to Calm The Spirit. But she can’t get anything done without our help.



Mrs. Hodges needs more cat models

I do my best to help her in her studio. I pose for her and I help keep her desk clear of clutter. She has all of this stuff on her drawing desk that shouldn’t be there. Like her computer mouse, and her wallet, and her drawing pens. I knock them on the floor for her.

Cats don’t have thumbs. So we can’t hold felt pens to draw, but we can pose for pictures.

Cats, would you like to be in the coloring book?

(or your chicken, Mary in Boulder Creek), and Mrs. Hodges will try to include you in the coloring book.

Mrs. Hodges is drawing every day now, she wants to make her December 1st deadline to finish the book!

As long as she cleans the seven litter boxes every day, I don’t mind if she draws every day.

How to be a Coloring Book Cat Model

Please send a photograph of yourself to me, Harper: thecatharper (at), or just post it in the comments here. And please include what your hobbies are, what television shows you like to watch, and anything else of interest. Like if you prefer Christmas to Valentines Day, or if you play the guitar.

Mrs. Hodges will try really hard to get everyone who submits a photograph into the Coloring Book. If she gets too many photographs, she may have to make two books!

Would you like to be in the coloring book?

Please let me know in the comments. I would love to chat.

Love Harper


Pages for the Cat Coloring Book! I wish I had thumbs!!! I want to draw!



The Coloring Book is Finished! Thank you to all the cats who modeled for the book. Color The Cats – Forty Real Cats From Around The World and Their Stories was published on December 16th, 2015.


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