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A cat who is a writer

Cats can help humans become a minimalist

My typist, who is a human, is trying to follow Joshua Becker’s concept of living with fewer possessions so she can pursue her greatest passions.  She needs a cat to help her become a minimalist. My typist, Mrs. Hodges,  would have more time to pet me if she wasn’t constantly rearranging, sorting and dusting all […]

We have seven foster kittens – I am an Aunt now

Wow, we are fostering seven foster kittens! I haven’t met them yet, I am so excited to meet them. Mrs. Hodges showed me a photograph of them. Maybe they would like me to teach them how to knock everything off of my typist’s desk? I can hear them meowing through the door. They meow a […]

Meet Yoda, a cat who moved from Tennessee, USA to Kathmandu, Nepal

Today’s guest post is by Yoda, a cat. Yoda is the star of  a blog about cat care. Fluffy Kitty. Humans, Brittany and Paul do all the writing there. Now we get to hear from Yoda! A cool cat who was rescued from an animal shelter in Johnson City, Tennessee and then moved to Kathmandu, […]

Martha the dog is a cats best friend

Today I took a nap in a sunbeam on Martha’s dog bed. The sun felt so warm on my fur.   When I turned around I saw Martha taking a nap beside me on the hard wooden floor. She looked so sad. Martha has always been kind to me. When I was locked in the […]

Water tastes better in a tea-cup

I live in a house with four people, two dogs and three cats, not including me. I am a cat. I like to drink my water from a tea-cup. Water tastes better in a tea-cup. It really does. Mrs. Hodges, my typist, has a large bowl she fills with water. She puts it on the […]

Cats are in charge of the household laundry

Humans have to wear clothes, and then the clothes get dirty. I don’t understand why they don’t just lick themselves. Cats don’t have to wear clothes or take baths in a bathtub. Humans need cats to help them with their laundry. The lady who types for me needs my help doing laundry. Her name is […]

Would any of you cats like to be a model for a coloring book?

Mrs. Hodges needs our help. She is making a coloring book, Color The Cats: Thirty Cat Coloring Pages to Calm The Spirit. But she can’t get anything done without our help.   Mrs. Hodges needs more cat models I do my best to help her in her studio. I pose for her and I help keep her desk […]

Kittens like to play with paper bags. Would you like me to send you a paper bag?

Kittens like to play with paper bags. Really we do. Paper bags are so much fun to hide in. And you can even chew on the handles. Mrs. Hodges leaves paper bags and cardboards boxes all over the house. I love her when she does that. I mean, I love her when she gives me a […]

Wow, they finally let me out of the bathroom, and I met Martha, the dog.

I have been locked in the bathroom for over two weeks. Oh, I forgot to say hello. Hi, I am Harper. Harper Hodges. Well, really I am a kitten, not a Harper. Oh, and I met Martha. Martha, the dog. Mrs. Hodges, my typist said I was named after Harper Lee, a human who wrote one book […]

Annie, the dog, loves Ryder the Fighter, a one year old boy with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia)

Annie, the dog, has been writing to Ryder. Ryder is one year, seven months, and four days old. He has AML, Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  He was born on December 25th, 2013. Well, Annie dictated her letter to Mrs. Hodges and Mrs. Hodges printed it. Ryder is staying at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. His mommy said his […]