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I am a cat. I write.

My name is Pooh, Pooh Hodges


My full name is Winnie The Pooh Hodges. I was named after a stuffed bear in a Disney Movie. My friends call me Pooh.  One of my staff bought me a Winnie the Pooh puzzle as a gift. She put it together for me. I appreciate the kind gesture. But. I don’t really like my name.

I have always wanted to change my name. I would like to be called William, or Arthur or Philip or Louis. Price William, the Duke of Cambridge has four names. I would be pleased with any one of his names. I want to be called William, or Prince William. I will let my friends call me Bill.

It is very hard to change your name. My friends don’t want to call me William. I should have changed it when we moved to Pennsylvania two years ago. Now all of the cats in the neighborhood know my name is Pooh.

I don’t understand why my staff did not change my name when I chose them at the animal shelter in Wisconsin. The Shelter staff named me Winnie the Pooh. My staff thought it was cute, and they kept the name.

My staff bought me a body-guard three years ago from Craigslist. They changed the name of the purebred chocolate labrador retriever from Dulce to Martha.  Martha is the talking dog in the books by Susan Meddaugh.  Why did she get a new name and I didn’t?  Wasn’t there a famous cat I could be named after?

I am so embarrassed when I introduce myself at the local writers workshop.

“Hello, my name is Pooh. Pooh Hodges. I am, The Cat Who Writes.”

The writers laugh, “Poo, your name is Poo?

“Yes, my name is Pooh, I spell it P.O.O.H.”

If my staff move again, I will change my name to William. But you may call me Bill. Let’s be friends.

Do you ever wish you could change your name?




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